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Bobby was a male Human who served as a Starfleet officer during the mid-23rd century.

Starfleet career

Bobby served aboard the USS Enterprise during Captain James T. Kirk's five-year mission in the second half of the 2260s.


During Kirk's second year of command, in 2266, Bobby was assigned for a time to the command division.

On stardate 1512.2 of that year, he entered the bridge from the turbolift, carrying a flight computer, along with another command division crew woman. After being thrown towards the aft starboard side of the bridge when the ship was suddenly jolted, he milled around the bridge for a time, before eventually settling in for a time, standing behind Uhura, leaning against the communications station. From that position, he observed the viewscreen as the ship made first contact with the Fesarius.

Simultaneously, he was in the corridor, wearing an operations uniform, where he and a female yeoman stopped to listen to Kirk address the ship.

Meanwhile, back on the bridge, he continued to lean against the communications station where he later observed the subsequent mental breakdown of Lieutenant Dave Bailey. (TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver")

Later that year, around stardate 1329.8, he was climbing a ladder wearing a command green jumpsuit, in an area labeled "environmental engineering personnel only", when he paused to leer at Mudd's women, as they, Spock, and Harry Mudd passed by on their way to the turbolift from the transporter room, following their rescue from Stella. Upon observing the reactions of the crewmen, including that of Bobby's, Mudd commented to Spock, "[...] men will always be men no matter where they are. Eh, mister? You'll never take that out of them." (TOS: "Mudd's Women")

Around stardate 1672.1 of that year, while the Enterprise was in orbit of Alfa 177, he worked as an orderly. Following the death of Alfa 177 canine, Doctor Leonard McCoy covered the animal in a blanket before he handed it to Bobby to take to the lab, instructing him that he was an "autopsy in depth". (TOS: "The Enemy Within")

His job title was identified in the episode's script, though he wore an operations division jumpsuit.

Later, when the Enterprise was in orbit of planet M-113, Bobby and Brent stepped aside as Uhura exited the turbolift, located next to the ship's botany section. As she passed, she turned back and noted to him that "[t]he door to my quarters still rattles when it opens. Would you stop by and see if you can do something about it?" Which he acknowledged with a nod as he entered the turbolift. The entire exchange was observed by Crewman Green (in actuality the M-113 creature), who upon seeing Uhura, transformed into another crewman. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

The lines spoken by Uhura, addressing the character and calling him "Bobby" by name, were not scripted.

Around stardate 1704.2, Bobby, now assigned to operations, and a sciences technician were strolling down corridor three, on level two, where they were encountered by a Psi 2000 virus-infected, rapier-wielding Lieutenant Sulu who upon the encounter declared, "Richelieu, beware!" Unsure how to react, the two made a quick retreat back the way they came, prompting Sulu to call them "cowards". Their incident was later reported to the bridge.

A short time later, Bobby was among the security guards who entered the engineering control room to apprehend the, likewise, polywater intoxicated Lieutenant Kevin Riley, who had taken control of the ship through that station. He helped another security guard carry out the infected Riley from the area. (TOS: "The Naked Time")

He later served as the transporter chief during the Enterprise's rendezvous with the Antares. Upon entering the transporter room with Kirk, Kirk instructed ""[a]ll right, Chief, begin materialization," before transporting Captain Ramart, Tom Nellis, and Charles Evans aboard, then returning Ramart and Nellis back to their ship. (TOS: "Charlie X")

The line spoken by Kirk, addressing Bobby, was not scripted.

During the Romulan Neutral Zone Incursion, when the Enterprise attempted to outrun a plasma torpedo, Kirk signed off on his clipboard and handed it to Bobby, instructing him to "feed this into the space recorder and jettison immediately." (TOS: "Balance of Terror")

The line spoken by Kirk, addressing Bobby, was not scripted.

Returning to the command division once again, he was passed in the corridor, near Captain Kirk's quarters, by the android copy of Kirk. (TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?")

Once again in operations, wearing a technician's uniform, he assisted in transporting Lenore Karidian up from Planet Q. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

Late that year, he walked in the corridor with a female yeoman when they stopped to listen to Spock's announcement during his brief hijacking of the Enterprise. (TOS: "The Menagerie, Part I")

This appearance was recycled footage that had originally appeared in "The Corbomite Maneuver"


Bobby continued to serve during Kirk's third year of command in 2267, when the Enterprise was thrown back in time to 1969. On around stardate 3113.2, he was on patrol, after Kirk ordered an all decks alert, searching for the missing United States Air Force Captain John Christopher who had left his quarters, after having been unwillingly brought aboard the Enterprise. As Bobby passed near the transporter room, he was assaulted in a surprise attack by Christopher, who, after delivering a crippling gut punch to Bobby, stole his phaser and tried using in a failed attempt to return back to Earth. (TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday")

He was identified in the script as a "security crewman (Enterprise)"; this is the only instance where he wore lieutenant stripes.

Bobby in medical

On stardate 3141.9, Bobby worked as a medical technician in sickbay, where he held breathing mask to Khan Noonien Singh, as Dr McCoy and his nurse worked to revive him. (TOS: "Space Seed")

His job title was identified in the episode's script.

Later the same year, he joined the landing party as a member of security during its beam down to Deneva, searching for Sam Kirk and his family. He stood behind the senior officers in a defensive posture next to Yeoman Zahra, but did not actually assist in stunning a small mob of Denevan colonists. Upon their arrival at Kirk's laboratory, Bobby did not enter the location. As the crew continued to search for more of the city's populace, Kirk had the landing party split up to search for the unknown creatures that were killing the inhabitants, ordering each to set their "phasers on force three, to kill," later firing at the creatures after they were discovered en mass in an adjacent location. After Spock was attacked by one of the creatures, he returned with the landing party back to the Enterprise. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!")


In 2268, he was again walking in the corridor with a female yeoman when they overheard Kirk's announcement for "[a]ll science, engineering, and supervisory personnel, lock into the briefing room." (TOS: "Assignment: Earth")

This appearance was recycled footage that was originally filmed for "The Corbomite Maneuver", but in this appearance, they were further towards the back of the hallway than in the original and "The Menagerie" appearance the scene was recycled from.



Background information

A scene from The Twilight Zone

Bobby was played by an unknown actor who only appeared during TOS Season 1. The same actor also played a Klingon guard in "Errand of Mercy". Previously, he appeared as a board member in the 1961 The Twilight Zone episode, "The Obsolete Man."

Bobby was among the small cast of characters who appeared wearing all three division colors, including command and operations duty uniforms, along with command, operations, and sciences utility jumpsuits.


James Blish's novelization of "Operation -- Annihilate!" referred to this character as Abrams, which corresponds with the name given in the script.

According to the acknowledgements in the novel A Choice of Catastrophes, which gives Bobby's full name as Robert Abrams, Bobby was played by Woody Talbert. Co-author, Steve Mollmann stated it was likely from an earlier, incorrect, revision of this article. [1]

The novel Provenance of Shadows refers to him as Crewman Tiroli, suggesting that his name is Bobby Tiroli in this continuity.

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