Lieutenant Bobby was a male Human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century. He served aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk, during a historic five-year mission that starship undertook. From 2266 to 2267, he often alternated between the command and operations divisions while he served as a engineer, security guard, and transporter chief.

Bobby was frequently seen working as a repair technician, responding to battle damage and normal maintenance requests. (TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver", "Mudd's Women", "The Man Trap")

Following the death of Alfa 177 canine, Dr. Leonard McCoy covered the animal in a blanket and handed it to Bobby and requested an "autopsy in depth". (TOS: "The Enemy Within")

According to the final draft of the script, this character was described as an orderly, though wearing a operations division jumpsuit.

While on his way to his duty assignment, he and a sciences technician were encountered on level two, corridor three by a rapier-wielding Lieutenant Sulu, who was under the influence of the Psi 2000 virus declared "Richelieu, beware!" Sulu eventually called the two "cowards" after they ran back the way they came. Their incident was later reported to the bridge. Thereafter, Bobby was among the guards who entered the engineering control room to apprehend the polywater intoxicated Kevin Riley, who had taken control of the ship through that station. (TOS: "The Naked Time")

He served also served as the transporter chief during the Enterprise's rendezvous with the Antares. (TOS: "Charlie X")

During the Romulan Neutral Zone Incursion, when the Enterprise was attempting to outrun a plasma torpedo, Kirk signed off on his clipboard and handed it to Bobby, instructing him to "feed this into the space recorder and jettison immediately." (TOS: "Balance of Terror")

He later served as member of the ship's security. When the Enterprise was thrown back in time to 1969, Bobby was attacked by United States Air Force Captain John Christopher, who stole his phaser. (TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday") He later joined the landing party during its beam down to Deneva. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!")

Bobby also wore a sciences division jumpsuit, serving as a medical assistant at the bedside of Khan Noonien Singh. (TOS: "Space Seed")



Background information

Bobby was played by an unknown actor who also played a Klingon guard in "Errand of Mercy". The same actor also appeared in a Twilight Zone episode, "The Obsolete Man."

According to the acknowledgements in the novel A Choice of Catastrophes, Bobby was played by Woody Talbert.

James Blish's novelization of "Operation -- Annihilate!" referred to this character as Abrams, which corresponds with the name given in the script. The novel A Choice of Catastrophes calls him Robert Abrams.

The novel Provenance of Shadows refers to him as Crewman Tiroli.

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