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Bobby Bass (6 August 19367 November 2001; age 65) was an extra and stunt double on Star Trek: The Original Series. He regularly played a security officer and engineer and in many other roles. Before entering the acting business, Bass was a Judo champion.

Bass filmed his scene for "Space Seed" on Tuesday 20 December 1966 at Desilu Stage 9. He filmed his scenes for "Errand of Mercy" on Friday 27 January 1967 on location at the "Arab Village" part of the 40 Acres backlot. He filmed his scene for "Mirror, Mirror" on Wednesday 2 August 1967, and his guard scene for "I, Mudd" on Monday 14 August 1967, both at Stage 9.


In the episodes "The City on the Edge of Forever", "Catspaw" (and possibly others), he acted as the stunt double for James Doohan.

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