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Bobby Pappas (born 10 June 1972; age 48) is an actor who played an operations crewman in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. As a background performer he received no credit for his appearances. Pappas also appeared on a matte painting used throughout the series. His Starfleet uniform was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] He was also featured in a deleted scene in engineering from the episode "Fallen Hero", later available on the ENT Season 1 DVD.

Born as Robert William Pappas in Freehold, New Jersey, he has been married to Terri Pappas since November 2002. He attended the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting and studied acting under coaches such as Steve Rosenfield, Michael Lemmon, and Cathy Wickline.

Among his television appearances are episodes of Days of Our Lives, The Guardian, Girlfriends (2002), and E-Ring (2006, in an episode produced, written, and directed by Kenneth Biller). He also had supporting roles in the comedies Longshot (2000, with Paul Sorvino, Ellen Albertini Dow, The Rock, Lark Voorhies, Peewee Piemonte, Ken Clark, and Tim Sitarz), The Wedding Planner (2001, with Phil Chong), and Like Mike (2002), the television pilot You, Me, and Johnny (2012, written, directed, produced, and starring John Thaddeus and with Simone Montanti), and the short comedy Match (2003).

Today, Pappas lives with his family in Greenville, South Carolina where he is working as internet sales consultant and finance manager for Lexus. [2]

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