Glinn Boheeka was a Cardassian male who served as an officer in the Cardassian military during the late-24th century.

Military career

During the Occupation of Bajor, Boheeka served on the orbital mining station Terok Nor where he had many dealings with bar owner Quark. Boheeka had an infatuation with one of Quark's dabo girls, Hartla, later joking that had the occupation gone on any longer than it did, she would have bankrupted him. (DS9: "The Wire")

In 2370, Boheeka was contacted by Quark, for what Quark claimed was an opportunity for him to "earn a little extra latinum", "enough to buy himself a promotion". Quark needed Boheeka to locate a piece of Cardassian biotechnology and the schematics relating to its installation for Elim Garak.

However, when Boheeka entered the requisition code that Quark had given him, he discovered that it was a classified code for a piece of classified biotechnology. Upon the discovery of this, Boheeka exclaimed that he was ruined, and that his career was over. His fear was unfortunately justified, as it arose from the belief that the Obsidian Order would discover his request, and upon the realization of the situation, he and Quark quickly ended their transmission. Later Enabran Tain would laughingly remark about Boheeka and Quark's business dealings to Dr. Bashir and refers to Boheeka status in the "past tense".(DS9: "The Wire")

Memorable quotes

"I'm sure she misses you too."
"I'll bet she does. She would've bankrupted me if the occupation would've lasted much longer."

- Quark and Boheeka, speaking of Hartla

"How'd you like to earn a little extra latinum? Maybe enough to buy yourself a promotion?"
"You have my undivided attention."

- Quark and Boheeka

"Quark, you idiot!"
"Is something wrong?"
"Is something wrong?! I'm ruined! My career is over!"

- Boheeka and Quark

"That Cardassian Quark was talking to, Boheeka. I suppose he really did have a reason to fear the Obsidian Order."
"Everyone has reason to fear the Order." - Bashir and Enabran Tain, on the Obsidian Order


Background information

Boheeka was played by actor Jimmie F. Skaggs.

The script for "The Wire" describes Boheeka as, "a mid-ranking Cardassian military officer, seated at a desk. Boheeka is a little looser and a little less brooding than the typical Cardassian." [1]

Boheeka is the pronunciation for BOHICA, a military slang acronym meaning "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again."


In the Star Trek: Terok Nor novel Dawn of the Eagles, Boheeka confirms to Quark that Rom's claim of Odo being a shapeshifter is true. He takes pleasure in pointing out to Quark that Odo could be anything at anytime, including a napkin, and expresses his happiness that the previous security chief Thrax, whom he describes as "arrogant", is now gone. The novel takes place in 2365 when Boheeka holds the rank of "Dal".

Boheeka also has a card in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game, in which he is described him as a "Cardassian biotechnology expert".

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