The Bok'Nor was a Cardassian Bok'Nor-type freighter that was in service in 2370.

That year, the Bok'Nor delivered fourteen metric tons of golside ore to the Regulon system prior to its arrival at Deep Space 9, where it was docked at upper pylon 1. Shortly after its departure from the station, the freighter was destroyed by an implosive protomatter device planted on the ship's impulse engine, killing all 78 crew members aboard.

Although no group claimed responsibility for the attack, investigation revealed that the ship was destroyed by the Maquis, a group of Federation citizens living in the Demilitarized Zone who were attempting to resist Cardassian control of their colonies. The Cardassians interrogated William Samuels, who confessed to this, before supposedly committing suicide, although Starfleet Commander Benjamin Sisko believed he had died during interrogation. The Maquis claimed that the Bok'Nor was transporting weapons to arm Cardassian colonists inside the DMZ – a claim that the Cardassian Central Command never denied. (DS9: "The Maquis, Part I")


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