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The bonus scene was a deleted scene from the Star Trek: Discovery season 1 finale "Will You Take My Hand?" shown on March 23 2018 at WonderCon, and released online the same day. [1] [2]

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Sometime after the USS Discovery leaves Qo'noS, the former Emperor Georgiou is running the Orion cabaret. She is approached by a man pretending to be a Trill, but recognized by her as being a Federation operative. Complaining about people being in denial that – despite the cease fire with the Klingons – there are still threats to galactic peace, he offers her a black Starfleet insignia, initiating her as a Section 31 asset.

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There is no official release of "Will You Take My Hand?" with this scene included.

This scene was shown with credits at WonderCon and when it was released online. The season 1 Blu-ray and DVD releases include it with the deleted scenes section and only show the basic copyright information other deleted scenes have.

The scene was added to CBS All Access on March 24, 2018 under the title "Michelle Yeoh and Alan van Sprang's Section 31 bonus scene from Star Trek: Discovery" in the "Clips" section where the trailers and special features are.

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cabaret; cease fire; lap dance; Section 31

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