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Booker T. Bradshaw (21 May 19401 April 2003; age 62) was the actor who played Doctor M'Benga in the Star Trek: The Original Series second and third season episodes "A Private Little War" and "That Which Survives". He filmed his scenes for "A Private Little War" on Friday 29 September 1967, and his scene for "That Which Survives" on Friday 27 September 1968, all at Desilu Stage 9.

His other television guest appearances include the Tarzan episode "Trek to Terror" (with Michael Ansara), the second episode of The Mod Squad (with Clarence Williams III and Tige Andrews), the Insight episode "The Poker Game" (with Jeffrey Hunter, directed by Ralph Senensky), and a first-season episode of the short-lived Bracken's World (with Warren Stevens and Madlyn Rhue).

Bradshaw also appeared in such 1970s films as Skullduggery, with fellow TOS guest actors Roger C. Carmel and William Marshall, and The Strawberry Statement, starring Bruce Davison and Kim Darby. His most prominent film role was "Howard Brunswick" in the 1973 blaxploitation classic Coffy, also featuring Robert DoQui and Sid Haig.

He went on to become an accomplished television writer for such series as Planet of the Apes and Diff'rent Strokes. He also wrote the Columbo episode "Playback", which featured TOS guest stars Robert Brown and Steven Marlo in the cast.

Bradshaw died of a heart attack in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 62.

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