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For the homophone, please see boarder.
"Cardassia is strong again, an empire to be feared. We are safe behind secure borders, and no one will ever dare attack us again."

A border was a division line set between two political powers, groups, or races.

The Glyrhond River was a natural border between two rival Bajoran groups, the Paqu and the Navot, until the Cardassians changed its course during the Occupation. (DS9: "The Storyteller")

The Cardassian Union closed their borders in early 2372, due to the civil unrest on Cardassia Prime and the threat of infiltration by the Founders of the Dominion. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

Several weeks after the Klingon Empire withdrew from the Khitomer Accords, they began to look for weaknesses in the star systems along their borders. (DS9: "Hippocratic Oath")

Notable borders

Both the Romulan Neutral Zone (between the Federation and Romulan Empire) and the Demilitarized Zone (between the Federation and Cardassian Union) each had their own "side" of the border.

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