The Borothans were a humanoid civilization. Borothan pilgrims were among those who worship the Great Plume of Agosoria. Borothans were generally good-natured and generous people, presenting the crew of Enterprise NX-01 with gifts for allowing them to watch the Plume from Enterprise's mess hall.

The Suliban Silik disguised himself as a Borothan pilgrim on his way to witness the Plume in 2151 in order to infiltrate Enterprise. (ENT: "Cold Front", "Detained")

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The species name "Borothan" was not mentioned in "Cold Front", but instead comes from later ENT Season 1 offering "Detained". In the pronunciation guide from that episode's final draft script, the name is phonetically notated "bore-OTH-an". Nevertheless, it was a word Dean Stockwell struggled to pronounce, in his role as Colonel Grat. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 138, p. 85)

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