Boslic cargo vessel (fore)

Boslic cargo vessel (aft)

A Boslic cargo vessel was a type of low-warp freighter operated by the Boslics.

In 2369, a cargo vessel, commanded by Captain Jaheel, visited Deep Space 9 to have the ship's antimatter flow converter readjusted, while en route to Largo V with a shipment of Tamen Sasheer. After waiting two days for the repair, Jaheel began to complain to the station's Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien of the delay, warning that he would have to do better than warp one to get there before his cargo spoiled. Jaheel eventually became fed up with the station's delays and attempted to forcibly remove his ship from the mooring clamps. The stress of his ship's thrusters on the clamps made it impossible for the station to disengage the vessel and the ship's engines began to overheat. Eventually the ship was manually disengaged from the station and ejected from the station moments before it exploded. (DS9: "Babel")

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According to research posted on Ex Astris Scientia, "the model looks like a ship that had been built by Kenneth Larson for "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", with some modifications to make it look bigger. Curiously the miniature of Jaheel's ship was the basis for the CGI of Neelix's shuttle."

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