A bounty hunter was a person who hunted criminals or fugitives for a bounty, usually money.

Ramurans employed a kind of bounty hunter called tracers to track down people who tried to leave their world. (VOY: "Unforgettable")

The Hazari of the Delta Quadrant worked as bounty hunters, who prided themselves on honoring their contracts. (VOY: "Think Tank")

In the mid-22nd century, two bounty hunters, Skalaar and Kago-Darr, independently sought to capture Jonathan Archer to turn him over to the Klingons for a reward. (ENT: "Bounty")

In the mid-23rd century, several bounty hunters attempted to capture Harcourt Fenton Mudd and turn him over to Starfleet. One of them was the Tellarite Tevrin Krit, who only managed to capture an android copy of Mudd though. (ST: "The Escape Artist")

After Joret Dal, a Cardassian, provided the Federation with military information about the Cardassians in 2370, he had to return to Cardassian space. The plan required the help of Ensign Sito Jaxa, who was disguised as a Bajoran terrorist to let Joret Dal look like a bounty hunter. (TNG: "Lower Decks")

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