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Hugh Bradley Thompson, Jr. (born 2 September 1951; age 70), usually credited as Bradley Thompson, is a writer of several Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes. In all of the episodes he was involved in, he always wrote with his writing partner David Weddle. He appears in the background of the scene set in Vic's lounge]] in the seventh season episode "What You Leave Behind" as a holographic guest.

Weddle was brought in on the writing staff of Deep Space Nine in the wake of his friend Weddle being offered the position by show-runner Ira Steven Behr as a result of their shared passion for renowned director Sam Peckinpah. A self-admitted "shameless opportunist", Weddle made use of the opportunity to secure the same position for his friend as well. [1]

Thompson was to write a Deep Space Nine relaunch novel entitled Walking Wounded. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned in 2005. The novel was to focus on veterans of the Dominion War and how they adjusted to normal life again and attempted to come to terms with their experiences.


Upon conclusion of the series, Thompson, together with partner Weddle, joined former Deep Space Nine colleague Ronald D. Moore as writer, executive story editor and co-producer on the latter's re-imagined Battlestar Galactica franchise.

Since the end of Battlestar Galactica, Thompson has written episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Falling Skies, Defiance and The Strain, invariably in conjunction with partner Weddle. Their collaboration on Defiance reunited the pair again with former Deep Space Nine production staffers Gary Hutzel and Doug Drexler, who incidentally had also worked as production regulars on Battlestar Galactica.

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