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"We all joined Starfleet to dive first into the unknown. We're explorers, of course we don't always know what's going on."

Lieutenant jg Bradward "Brad" Boimler was a 24th century male Human Federation Starfleet command division junior officer. He was assigned to the USS Cerritos under Captain Carol Freeman and then to the USS Titan under Captain William T. Riker.

Early life

Boimler was born in Modesto, California on Earth. Prior to 2380, Boimler had only visited four planets, including Vulcan. (LD: "Second Contact")

At some point also prior to 2380, he had written two Violin pieces dedicated to his Mother, named Essence and Requiem for a hug. (LD: "Temporal Edict")

Starfleet career

Starfleet Academy

At some point during his life, Boimler enlisted in Starfleet and attended Starfleet Academy where he received no demerits. He graduated and was commissioned as an officer in 2379. Upon graduating, he was assigned to the Cerritos, where he bunked in Bunk A12003. (LD: "Second Contact", "Temporal Edict")

Boimler and Fletcher were close friends at the academy. (LD: "Terminal Provocations")

USS Cerritos

Boimler giving a Captain's log

In 2380, during a stop at Douglas Station, Boimler was wounded when fellow Ensign Beckett Mariner who was giving him a hard time for writing his own mock captain's log. Mariner, who was intoxicated on Romulan whiskey, then sliced his leg with a bat'leth. Later, while assisting in second contact efforts with the Galardonians, Captain Freeman asked Ensign Boimler to monitor Ensign Mariner's activities. Boimler eventually believed that he had caught her selling Federation weapons, but she had in fact been giving farm implements to local Galardonian farmers. (LD: "Second Contact")

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USS Titan

Boimler aboard the Titan

Boimler accepted the position as a flight control officer aboard USS Titan and a promotion to Lieutenant jg in 2380. (LD: "No Small Parts")


In the far future, Boimler was remembered for the Boimler Effect, a ship-wide mandate aboard the Cerritos that encouraged breaking the rules to get results. (LD: "Temporal Edict")


Ailments and injuries

On one occassion, a drunk Beckett Mariner stabbed Boimler in the leg with a Bat'leth. (LD: "Second Contact")

Personal interests

Boimler's dream was to rise in the ranks of Starfleet and earn his own command, and embraced a lifestyle of rule-following and sucking up to the senior officers to get there. (LD: "Second Contact") He often idolized and referenced the adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise. (LD: "Cupid's Errant Arrow") He frequently stressed over decisions that would make him more "promotable," such as his hairstyle or preparing the captain's favorite cookies. (LD: "Much Ado About Boimler", "Crisis Point")

Boimler played the electric violin, having composed several original songs about his mother including "Essence" and "Requiem for a Hug." (LD: "Temporal Edict")

Upon being assigned his own crew quarters, he proudly displayed his "Boimler Effect" plaque, and a decorative plate of featuring Commander Jack Ransom's face. (LD: "No Small Parts")



Boimler and Mariner having a drink

Boimler considered his fellow "lower decks" crew members aboard the Cerritos to be some of his closest friends, especially Ensigns Beckett Mariner, Sam Rutherford, D'Vana Tendi, and Fletcher. (LD: "Second Contact", "Terminal Provocations")


Barbara Brinson

Brad Boimler introduces Barbara Brinson to Beckett Mariner

Boimler briefly dated Lieutenant Barbara Brinson of the USS Vancouver Before 2380, it had been quite some time since Boimler had "taken a lover." The two later broke up when it was discovered that Brinson only attracted to, and dated, Boimler, because an alien parasite had invaded Boimler and made him irresitble to her. (LD: "Cupid's Errant Arrow")

Key dates

Memorable quotes

"I need you to tell me that your senior officers are infallible heroes!"
"Well they're not, and that's okay. We all joined Starfleet to dive first into the unknown. We're explorers, of course we don't always know what's going on. Did Picard know about the Borg? Did Kirk know about that giant Spock on Phylos? Did Dr. Crusher know about that ghost in the lamp thing from the Scottish planet that she hooked up with that one time? That whole thing. You clearly want us to say that the captain and her crew messed up, but we simply don't have the full story, and that's the truth! Whatever they did, I guarantee you it was all for good. You have shown no evidence that they're guilty of a crime, in fact, I find you guilty of trying to take them down with this sham of a trial! DRUMHEAD!"

- Clar and Boimler, on what makes Starfleet officers who they are (LD: "Veritas")

"If this was actually happening, they'd send the Enterprise. But, you know. Artistic license."

- Bradward Boimler, to a holographic Starfleet officer about the events of Crisis Point (LD: "Crisis Point")


Boimler's signature, featuring the Starfleet insignia


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Background information

Brad Boimler was voiced by Jack Quaid.

In developing the characters for Star Trek: Lower Decks, Mike McMahan described all four leads in an 10 August 2020 interview as a combination of other Star Trek characters, parts of himself, and people in his life. Boimler was partially based on Sam Lavelle from TNG: "Lower Decks", "a great Starfleet officer, but he's just so dedicated to trying to rank up and he's so careful about everything that he doesn't get to be Kirk." [1]

Brad Boimler appears as a duty officer in Star Trek Online.

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