Brain damage was any form of injury to the brain. One form of brain damage that could easily be treated with Starfleet medical technology was a concussion. Aphasia was normally caused by brain damage. (DS9: "Babel")

In 2267, Spock speculated that if the probe Nomad had indeed only erased Nyota Uhura's memory without causing brain damage, she could be re-educated. Doctor Leonard McCoy later confirmed that she had suffered no brain damage. (TOS: "The Changeling")

In 2268, Lal expressed the high probability (93%) that were Spock to be interrogated by him and his fellow Vians, he would suffer brain damage leading to permanent insanity. This was in contrast to the 87% likelihood that McCoy would die if similarly interrogated. (TOS: "The Empath")

Later that year, McCoy assured Donald Cory that all arterial damage and brain damage should immediately begin to reverse following administration of a new drug treatment for mental illness to Garth of Izar. (TOS: "Whom Gods Destroy")

When Deanna Troi's brain had difficulty processing the emotions from the two-dimensional lifeform, it led to brain damage (namely unresponsive cells) in her cerebellum and her cerebral cortex, which resulted in a loss of her empathic abilities. Eventually, this condition reversed itself due to her Betazoid DNA being able to heal brain damage easier than other species. (TNG: "The Loss")

When Chakotay and Tuvok were in a shuttle accident, Tuvok had a concussion and Chakotay's bioneural energy was disembodied from his brain. Both recovered with treatment. (VOY: "Cathexis")

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