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Brand was a Human female who served as a Starfleet officer during the late-24th century.

History Edit

At some point prior to the 2360s, Brand had met Jean-Luc Picard several times, Picard later describing her as a "formidable woman".

In 2368, Brand held the rank of rear admiral and was superintendent of Starfleet Academy. In that year, she presided over a board of inquiry into the death of a cadet named Joshua Albert on the Academy Flight Range. When it was revealed that the circumstances surrounding the cadet's death had been covered up, Brand expressed concern describing the rest of Nova Squadron's actions as "disturbing". Following the incident, Brand expelled the squadron leader Nicholas Locarno and reprimanded Sito Jaxa, Wesley Crusher, and Jean Hajar. (TNG: "The First Duty")

In 2370, Brand and Doctor Beverly Crusher discussed Wesley's deteriorating grades and his remote and defensive attitude at Starfleet Academy. She warned that if he was not careful, he might wash out in the next term. (TNG: "Journey's End")

Memorable quotes Edit

"Hello, captain. I know you're a close friend of the Crusher family."
"I wanted to inform you personally. There's been an accident."

- Brand and Jean-Luc Picard

"I'm very disturbed by what I've heard here today. By your own admission, you allowed your teammate to fly when you knew he was having difficulties maintaining formation. That demonstrates a serious lack of judgment."

- Brand, to Nicholas Locarno

"Captain Satelk and I have gone over your testimony and the physical evidence from the crash. Your statements cannot be reconciled with the data collected from the NavCon satellite. Your unwillingness to offer any explanation for this contradiction is disappointing, and raises suspicion. We cannot escape the conclusion that either the data is faulty in some way, or you have lied to us. However suspicion is not proof and I have no proof that you have lied to this inquiry. Therefore, if no further evidence is presented, I have no choice but to close this investigation. For filing an inaccurate flight plan, and for allowing Cadet Albert to fly when you knew he was having difficulties, I am ordering a formal reprimand placed on each of your permanent records. I am also revoking your flight privileges. This inquiry is closed."

- Brand

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Background information Edit

Admiral Brand was played by actress Jacqueline Brookes, who filmed her scenes between Thursday 30 January 1992 and Monday 3 February 1992 on Paramount Stage 16. On the days of filming, Brookes was picked up at her hotel at 5:15 am by the transportation department. The first call sheet for the following episode "Cost of Living", dated on Tuesday 4 February 1992, features the note for the transportation department to pick up Brookes at her hotel at 10:30 am and drive her to the airport.

In his review of "The First Duty", Star Trek author Keith R.A. DeCandido wrote that Brookes played the role of Brand with "gravitas". [1]

The final script for "The First Duty" gives Brand's first name as "Andrea" and describes the character as a "mature, elegant woman with a commanding voice." [2]

Brand was one of the first characters shown wearing the two-pip rear admiral insignia on the uniform collar. Most other flag officers in the Next Generation-era wore the three-pip insignia of a vice admiral.

Apocrypha Edit

Brand in Star Trek Starfleet Academy comic

Admiral Brand as she appears in the Starfleet Academy comic book series

Brand is referenced in a number of non-canon works.

According to Make It So, Brand is said to have provided a series of introductory notes to Jean-Luc Picard's personal journal when it was prepared for publication in 2371.

In the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy comic book "Passages", after the Academy's elite Red Squad is implicated in Admiral James Leyton's attempted military coup of the Federation in 2373, Brand, believing the team's training must have been ethically flawed, chooses to take full responsibility for the incident, deciding to take a sabbatical from her duties on Earth. The following year, as shown in "Parents' Day", Brand returns to her position at the Academy after her replacement, Admiral Pradesh, proves ineffectual.

Brand is also featured in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game which gives her first name as Andrea.

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