Brax was a Talaxian and the only son of Dexa. His father was killed by a Phanos security patrol.

Brax was a curious boy, just like his father was. In 2378, he met Neelix, a Talaxian who lived on board the USS Voyager, whose vessel crash-landed on the asteroid Brax lived on. Although he was forbidden by his mother to visit Neelix, he did so anyway. When Neelix mentioned to Brax that he should not be visiting him, he told him he lived here and could not be told to go away. Brax learned that Neelix came from the starship USS Voyager and asked him if he could visit the ship sometime.

When Neelix suggested to his mother to visit Captain Kathryn Janeway to talk about the Talaxians dispute with Commander Nocona over the mining rights about the asteroid field they lived in, Brax got his opportunity to visit Voyager. When Tuvok asked Neelix who he was, Neelix told him Brax was an old friend.

Brax, together with his mother got the grand tour of Voyager. They visited the bridge were he was introduced to Ensign Harry Kim and the rest of the bridge crew. There Brax learned that Neelix did not have his own workstation because of the many duties he performed. When they arrived in astrometrics, Neelix showed them an image of Talax.

While they were en route to main engineering, they were interrupted by Naomi Wildman. She asked if Brax could go with her to the holodeck and time to play kadis-kot with her. Brax never heard of a holodeck and was anxious to try it out. Together with Naomi they ran Tom Paris' holoprogram Invaders from the Ninth Dimension.

Afterward in the mess hall, Naomi told Brax about the transporter accident in which Neelix and Tuvok were combined into a whole different person, Tuvix. When Neelix entered Brax asked if Neelix would play a game of kadis-kot with him and Naomi, but Neelix told him "Maybe later". When Neelix finished talking to Brax' mother, Brax had to go with her to return to their asteroid.

Brax was surprised when Neelix decided to leave Voyager and embraced him, together with his mother, when he entered their quarters. Neelix mentioned proposing to Dexa, which, if Dexa accepted, would make Neelix Brax' stepfather. (VOY: "Homestead", "Endgame")

Brax was played by Ian Meltzer.
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