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Breezy was the beagle that worked as back-up and then took over the role of Porthos after the episode "Two Days and Two Nights". Breezy was a bit more "spunky" than Prada, so, when they needed a more playful dog during the first season, Breezy was used – most famously, in the "where no dog has gone before" shuttlepod exit on location outdoors in "Strange New World". After the first season, Breezy took over the role full-time.

Although Porthos was a male dog, as was Prada, the series' producers didn't want the audience's attention drawn to Prada's "male components", because the idea was to replace him with Breezy, a female, and hope the audience wouldn't notice the change. They also had to paint a temporary black spot on Breezy's side during shooting in order to match Prada's color.

Following Star Trek, Breezy appeared in the Love Bites episode "Modern Plagues" (2011, with Greg Grunberg and James MacDonald), the crime comedy Seven Psychopaths (2012, with Richard Wharton), and the sport drama Chasing Mavericks (2012).

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