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Brian S. Cooper is an electrician and rigging gaffer within the camera and electrical department who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Coopersworld, a planet seen on an okudagram in The Next Generation seventh season "Inheritance" was named after him.

Beside his work on Star Trek, Cooper worked as electrician on the comedy Wayne's World (1992), the comedy Mr. Saturday Night (1992), the television series South of Sunset (1993), the action thriller Drop Zone (1994), and the comedy Stuart Saves His Family (1995). His credits as assistant chief lighting technician include the comedy Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) and the science fiction adventure Timeline (2003).

Star Trek credits

  • TNG:
    • "Descent" – Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (uncredited, Season 6)
    • "Homeward" – Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (uncredited, Season 7)
    • "Bloodlines" – Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (uncredited)
  • Star Trek Generations – Electrician
  • VOY:
  • ENT:
    • "Broken Bow" – Splinter Unit Assistant Chief Lighting Technician/Redondo Gaffer/Rigging Gaffer (uncredited, Season 1)
    • "Fight or Flight" – Rigging Gaffer (uncredited)
    • "Strange New World" – Rigging Gaffer (uncredited)
    • "Sleeping Dogs" – Rigging Gaffer/Additional Electrician (uncredited)
    • "Shuttlepod One" – Additional Electrician/Lamp Operator/Rigger (uncredited)
    • "Fusion" – Rigging Gaffer (uncredited)
    • "Rogue Planet" – Rigging Gaffer/Additional Electrician (uncredited)
    • "Acquisition" – Rigging Gaffer/Lamp Operator/Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (uncredited)
    • "Oasis" – Rigging Electrician (uncredited)
    • "Detained" – Rigging Electrician/Additional Electrician (uncredited)
    • "Vox Sola" – Rigging Electrician/Additional Electrician (uncredited)
    • "Fallen Hero" – Rigging Electrician/Additional Electrician (uncredited)
    • "Desert Crossing" – Rigging Electrician/Additional Electrician (uncredited)
    • "Two Days and Two Nights" – Rigging Gaffer (uncredited)
    • "Shockwave" – Rigging Gaffer (uncredited)

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