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Brian Sterling (born 22 August 1958; age 62) is an English actor and filmmaker/-producer who had a featured part in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "Justice" in which he appeared as an Edo. Sterling previously worked as fitting model for William Ware Theiss for the skanted Starfleet uniforms. [1] Sterling received no credit for his appearance. Footage from the episode "Justice" was later reused in the second season episode "Shades of Gray".

Sterling was born in England, United Kingdom. He also portrayed various roles in the action films The Ibiza Connection (1984), The Blind Side of God (1987), and Lethal Impact (1991), and the horror film The Eye of Satan (1988).

He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Major Vision International, a British business company, founded in 1989. Prior to this position, Sterling collected experiences as a stuntman, 5-time world record holder, martial artist, bodybulder and power lifter.

In the '90s he worked as broadcaster and presenter on the BBC Front Line News and in several war zones, along the way he interviewed many famous politicians and celebrities such as Bill Clinton.

Beside his wide work in the British television as producer and presenter, Sterling is also known for his work for charity organizations such as and for his efforts as motivational speaker.

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