The following is a list of inhabitants of Bringloid V, also known as the "Bringloidi". These individuals made up the Bringloid V colony, descendants of passengers from the SS Mariposa. These individuals later became inhabitants of the planet Mariposa.

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These Bringloidi colonists were Humans who colonized Bringloid V. They were beamed aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2365 after their planet was threatened with major solar flare activity, threatening the viability of the planet.

The first people including Danilo Odell were beamed into the transporter room by transporter chief Miles O'Brien. When Captain Picard saw that they took their animals with them he ordered O'Brien to beam the other colonists directly into the Enterprise's cargo bay 7. In the cargo bay they tried to cook a meal and cared for their animals beside playing music and having a drink together. Finally they settled down on Mariposa and helped building a new colony with the Mariposan clones. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

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