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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

As war looms between the Federation and Solum, Gwyn proposes to lead the cadets on an undercover mission to gather intelligence and rescue Ilthuran.



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"Sounds like they're playing... poker."

-- Dal's failed attempt at eavesdropping

"There two of her?! Gah! Of course there's two. I hate time travel!"

- Dal, after meeting the younger version of Asencia

"Wait. Wait, where are the others?"
"The one with the purple dingle-dangle, the, uh – the – the – the little one who argues, and that, um – the Vulcan."
"They went to save Ilthuran."
"What? No! No! No, no, no! Th – th – this was not part of the stratagem."
"I split the crew. It was the only way to save you and Ilthuran."
"No! No, no, no, no, no! From the very beginning, I've been telling you, you have to stay together!"
"We thought you meant team spirit, unified in our purpose!"
"No, I meant never separate!"
"I wasn't going to let my father die. You said Solum needs him."
"Ilthuran would've been safe if you'd sent the Protostar through the wormhole. He would've led the overthrow of Asencia. But now I have no idea. We're on the wrong path. The future is uncertain. I am lost."
"I – I made the wrong choice."

- Wesley, Gwyn, and Zero, after Wesley discovers that the others aren't present

"Definitely not part of my plan."

- Wesley, after the group is captured

"Ilthuran. And... Wesley Crusher?"
"I know, I should really stop dropping in like this."
"Where are the others? Are they –"
"In danger. We're all in danger. And I don't know what happens next."

Wesley and Janeway, after Ilthuran and Wesley beam to Voyager alone

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2384; 2385; Asencia’s research spire; asylum; Bribble; cloaking device; Drednok; Federation; gravimetric distortions; giggling; Ilthuran's observatory; jailbreak; Nausicaan; poker; Prime Directive; prison transport; rebellion; site-to-site transporter; Solum; Solum uprising; Solum Wastes; temporal accelerant vaults; time travel; train; Vau N'Akat; Vau N'Akat language; wormhole

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