Broadway was a street in Manhattan, in New York City. Due to its length, Broadway was divided into Upper and Lower. Upper Broadway started at the northern limits of Times Square and ended at Herald Square. Lower Broadway started in Times Square and ended at Park Row. Broadway intersected with Wall Street at Chimney Corner. One major landmark on this thoroughfare was Trinity Church.

In The Big Good-Bye, the Anglo-American National Bank was located on this street. This was a recently completed building, and had higher rents than comparable office buildings in that part of Broadway. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

The pages seen in the episode were actually from the detective novel, The Listening Man, by author John A. Moroso. This novel was published in 1924. Information on Broadway was from pages 165, 178-179.
A short letter from Michelle at the Daystrom Institute for Jean-Luc Picard mentioned that the last time that Picard had been in contact with her, she was working at the Gershwin on Broadway. This show never got past the previews. This letter was in the Picard family album.

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