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A Klingon vessel, crashed in the cornfields of Broken Bow

For the ENT episode of the same name, please see "Broken Bow".
For additional meanings of "Broken Bow", please see Broken Bow.

Broken Bow was a city in the state of Oklahoma on Earth.

In 2151, Broken Bow incorporated farmland owned by a farmer named Moore. This included a cornfield, a farmhouse, and a nearby silo. The buildings were both situated in clearings near the field of corn.

Part of the land was affected by the Broken Bow Incident of 2151, such as the crash landing of a Klingon K'toch-class scout ship in the field, and the silo being explosively destroyed. (ENT: "Broken Bow") Before dying in that explosion, two Suliban agents had also crash-landed near Broken Bow while chasing Klaang. (ENT: "Detained")

The scenes in Broken Bow for the pilot episode were filmed in the city of Bakersfield in California on 12 June 2001 and 13 June 2001.
According to, this city was located along the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains.

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