Bruno Salvatore was a Starfleet ensign (serial number #SP 786-867). He was promoted to this rank on stardate 47320.5. He was a specialist (grade 4) in biomechanical research. He had an average efficiency/coind rating of 8.6.

According to medical file DM-682-548, he was born on stardate 22825.4 on Luna. His parents were Eric and Moksha Salvatore.

He graduated from Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth on stardate 47209.2. He was assigned to the USS Donovan on stardate 47534.7, USS Enterprise on stardate 47443.2, and the USS Niels Bohr on stardate 47232.9. He was awarded the Dietz Physical Sciences Scholarship on stardate 45732.6, Bronze Cluster for Academic Excellence on stardate 46843.7, Weiss Cadet Leadership Award on stardate 47123.4, and Extended Tour Citation on stardate 47617.8.

In the early 2360s, he served at Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Sol system. He was an assistant testing supervisor on the main deflector array installation team. He was an install scheduler for the sickbay/medlab containment systems installation team.

In 2370, his personnel file was displayed on a viewscreen viewed by Counselor Deanna Troi. (TNG: "Eye of the Beholder")

Like Lieutenant junior grade Marquez, Salvatore was played by background actor Robert Cox who received no credit for this appearance.
The character was named after a friend of René Echevarria. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)
An okudagram readout of Salvatore's personnel file was displayed on a viewscreen that Deanna Troi was studying. Some of the facts could be called into question since she was involved in a very detailed hallucination when the data was shown.
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