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Bryan Hitch (born 22 April 1970; age 50) is a British comic book artist. He started in the industry in mid-1987 with Marvel UK. Through the end of the 1980s and the 1990s he worked for both Marvel and DC Comics, but the majority of his work stayed with Marvel UK. At the turn of the millennium, he began working with Paul Neary on a variety of titles including Warren Ellis' Stormwatch reboot and new series The Authority for WildStorm Comics. That led to work with Mark Millar on The Ultimates and Fantastic Four.

His only Star Trek comics contribution is to the first issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Killing Shadows for WildStorm. He provided inking for both the story and the cover of the issue.

In addition to his comics work, Hitch has done design work for various television shows and films including the relaunch of Doctor Who and Star Trek, for which J.J. Abrams praised his design work for the Jellyfish on the audio commentary of the home releases.

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