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Buck McDancer (also known as Buck "Dallas" McDancer or simply McDancer) is a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator who performed stunts in Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He received no on-screen credits for his television appearances.

He is married to fellow stunt performer Sonia Jo McDancer.

Among his extensive stunt resume are films such as Fast Friends (1979), Scarface (1983), The Karate Kid (1984, with Larry Drake and stunts by Alan Oliney and Spike Silver), Legal Eagles (1986), Beverly Hills Brats (1989, with Whoopi Goldberg, Aron Eisenberg, Dennis Madalone, and stunts by Cherie Tash), Ghost Dad (1990), In the Line of Fire (1993, with Clyde Kusatsu and stunts by Christine Ann Baur, Andy Gill, Denise Lynne Roberts, Sharon Schaffer, Mike Watson, and Spike Silver), Airheads (1994), Vampire in Brooklyn (1995, with Joanna Cassidy, Marcelo Tubert, Wendy Robie, and stunts by LaFaye Baker, Irving E. Lewis, Rusty McClennon, Dennis Madalone, Kim Washington, and Sharon Schaffer), Last Man Standing (1996), Larger Than Life (1996), Suicide Kings (1997, with Cliff DeYoung, Spike Silver, and stunts by Eddie Braun, Chuck Hicks, Kim Koscki, Merritt Yohnka, and Jeff Smolek), Scream 3 (2000), Rush Hour 2 (2001), Clockstoppers (2002, directed by Jonathan Frakes, and with Ken Jenkins, Gina Hecht, Jenette Goldstein, and stunts by Brian Avery, Joni Avery, Rick Avery, Phil Chong, Kevin Derr, Gail Monian, and Justin Sundquist), Fat Albert (2004), Cursed (2005), Poseidon (2006), and Flags of our Fathers (2006).

His stunt performing and stunt coordinating resume also includes television series such as Rhoda, Family Ties, Murder she wrote, Hill Street Blues, Matlock, L.A. Law (starring Corbin Bernsen), Falcon Crest (starring Robert Foxworth and Dana Sparks), NYPD Blue, Moesha, The Drew Carey Show, Profiler, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Angel, and The Practice.

Among his second unit direction credits are films such as Weeds (1987), The Expert (1995), and Fat Albert (2004).

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