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For the trans-dimensional aliens from Star Trek: Enterprise, please see Sphere-Builder.

Builder was the generic name that the Automated Personnel Units used to refer to their makers, the Cravic and the Pralor. Pralor unit 3947 once asked Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres if she was a Builder, as only the Builders could fix or create chromodynamic power modules. Unfamiliar with the term in his context, she replied, "A builder? I guess you could say that. I'm an Engineer." He later revealed that, in fact, the automated personnel units "terminated" the Builders. (VOY: "Prototype")

The fact that unit 3947 said it was activated by a builder 1,314,807 hours (and 33 minutes) ago would seem to suggest that they and their war were active as of some 150 years before 2372, or circa 2222.
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