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A Burgerland drive-through window

Burgerland was the name of a fast food restaurant in the city of Detroit on 21st century Earth. Burgerland, and fast food places in general, specialized in using aggressive sales tactics such as the constant suggestion of larger orders for better deals, and drive-thru windows to attract hurried consumers who would be unable to choose more nutritionally sound products.

Burgerland's menu included:

  • Croissant, cost 3.75
  • Omelette, cost 4.25
  • Hamburger, the toppings of which included ketchup
    • (also available as a double hamburger for forty cents extra)
  • The Super-Beef: hamburger, the toppings of which included lettuce
    • (also available as a double or triple SuperBeef for forty cents each size up)
  • Fiesta Salad, a vegetarian salad selection
    • (also available with bacon for seventy-five cents more)

All items were available as a "combo meal" with french fries and soft drink (the selection of colas which included root beer).

In October 2004, time-travelers Jonathan Archer and T'Pol visited Burgerland at the request of their captive Loomis, a criminal who was in league with Xindi time-travelers, and had their order taken by a female employee. Archer decided on a ketchup-only hamburger, but declined the offer to make it a double hamburger. He also declined the combo meal, while T'Pol was noticeably disgusted by the whole process when she was offered bacon on her vegetarian salad, and decided not to order the product. She was also unnerved when Loomis dropped a small piece of beef from his burger onto her lap. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

In ultimately unused dialogue from the final draft script of "Carpenter Street", it was established that the order requested by Archer and Loomis had a total cost of US$7.49.

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