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Yeoman Burke was a NCO who served aboard the USS Enterprise-A, under Captain James T. Kirk in the late-23rd Century.

In 2293, Yeomans Burke and Samno were stationed in the transporter room during the initial meeting with Klingon Chancellor Gorkon and his party. Burke announced their arrival with the boatswain's whistle, and would later make racial comments about them behind their back.

Following the departure of the Klingon contingent, Gorkon's flagship, the battle cruiser Kronos One, was attacked by a cloaked Bird-of-Prey in an attempt to stop the Gorkon peace inititive. Once the attack disabled the artificial gravity, Burke and Samno beamed over to the Kronos One and assassinated Gorkon and several members of his crew and staff.

Burke was later killed by Valeris, another conspirator, to avoid implicating more senior Starfleet officials involved in the conspiracy. He died with Samno, of a phaser blast, set to stun, but fired at close range to his skull. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Burke was played by stuntman Alan Marcus.
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