Burke approaches Mars in 2155

Data file on Burke

Burke was the designation of a comet orbiting Sol until the mid-22nd century.

In 2147, Burke was redirected by the verteron array on Mars for impact on the planet's north pole as part of the terraforming project aimed at thickening the atmosphere in 2155. In that year, Jonathan Archer, captain of Enterprise NX-01, took advantage of Burke's approach to stop John Frederick Paxton, leader of the xenophobic terrorist group Terra Prime, from using the verteron array to destroy Starfleet Headquarters.

Using a shuttlepod, Archer and a small team from Enterprise approached Mars behind the comet, hiding in the tail. As the comet began to enter Mars' atmosphere and break up, the team began to experience increasing turbulence and difficulty in maintaining control of the pod. Despite this, the pod's pilot, Travis Mayweather, was able to follow the comet all the way to the surface, breaking away immediately before impact, successfully concealing their approach from Paxton. (ENT: "Terra Prime")

The audio commentary for "Terra Prime" suggests this comet was named for John Burke.
In the final draft script of "Terra Prime", the comet was described as "magnificent".
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