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CBS Interactive, Inc., founded in 1992 as CBS Digital Media Group, is the division of CBS Corporation responsible for online content, in particular as well as the website which serves as the franchise ad hoc message board for anything Star Trek-related as of April 2018 when it acquired the website (see: main page bottom byline). [1] [2] [3] CBS Mobile deals with online content for wireless users.

After CBS acquired the Star Trek franchise in late 2005, CBS Interactive took over responsibility for the content and maintenance of from Paramount Digital Entertainment. However, on 14 December 2007, it was announced that the entire production team responsible for the site had been laid off, effective immediately, due to "restructuring at CBS Interactive". [4](X) [5]

Renamed CBS Interactive in late 2006 – thereby avoiding confusion with CBS' similarly named visual effects company, CBS Digital (founded at around the same time), which started to emerge in the public eye as of 2006, especially after the remastered version of Star Trek: The Original Series was released – , the company relaunched a commercialized version of the site in the summer of 2010. [6]

On 28 October 2014, the division launched CBS All Access, a digital subscription video on demand and live streaming service allowing access to CBS shows past and present, including every Star Trek series, most notably Star Trek: Discovery as the service's first exclusive original series.

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