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This is a list of cards from The Alternate Universe, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: First Edition from Decipher.

The Alternate Universe expansion pack was released in November of 1995. This was the first normal expansion pack to be released for the First Edition. The "AU" introduced time travel and parallel universes. This expansion pack paved the way for future excursions into other universes, mainly the Mirror Universe. This expansion pack also introduced a new card type: the doorway. One in particular, the "Alternate Universe Door", is required if a player wants to use a card with the "Alternate Universe" icon, also introduced in this pack. Other notable cards in this pack are Data's Head from TNG: "Time's Arrow", and the first ultra-rare Future Enterprise from TNG: "All Good Things...".

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Missions Edit

  • Brute Force
  • Compromised Mission
  • Diplomatic Conference
  • FGC-47 Research
  • Fissure Research
  • Qualor II Rendezvous
  • Quash Conspiracy
  • Reunion
  • Risa Shore Leave
  • Warped Space

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CCG Future Enterprise

The Ultra Rare Future Enterprise card

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Table Edit

Type and AffiliationTitleRarity
Artifact Cryosatellite Rare
Artifact Data's Head Rare
Artifact Iconian Gateway Rare
Artifact Ophidian Cane Rare
Artifact Receptacle Stones Rare
Artifact Ressikan Flute Rare
Artifact Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch Rare
Dilemma Alien Labyrinth Common
Dilemma Cardassian Trap Uncommon
Dilemma Coalescent Organism Rare
Dilemma Conundrum Common
Dilemma Edo Probe Uncommon
Dilemma Empathic Echo Common
Dilemma Ferengi Attack Common
Dilemma Frame of Mind Uncommon
Dilemma Hidden Entrance Common
Dilemma Hunter Gangs Common
Dilemma Interphasic Plasma Creatures Common
Dilemma Malfunctioning Door Common
Dilemma Maman Picard Uncommon
Dilemma Outpost Raid Common
Dilemma Parallel Romance Uncommon
Dilemma Punishment Zone Common
Dilemma Quantum Singularity Lifeforms Uncommon
Dilemma Rascals Uncommon
Dilemma Royale Casino: Blackjack Uncommon
Dilemma The Gatherers Common
Dilemma The Higher... The Fewer Uncommon
Dilemma Thought Fire Common
Dilemma Worshiper Common
Dilemma Zaldan Uncommon
Doorway Alternate Universe Door Common
Doorway Devidian Door Rare
Equipment Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone Rare
Equipment I.P. Scanner Common
Event Baryon Buildup Common
Event Captain's Log Uncommon
Event Engage Shuttle Operations Uncommon
Event Interrogation Rare
Event Intruder Force Field Uncommon
Event Klim Dokachin Uncommon
Event Lower Decks Uncommon
Event Mot's Advice Uncommon
Event Particle Scattering Field Common
Event Revolving Door Rare
Event Rishon Uxbridge Common
Event The Charybdis Uncommon
Event The Mask of Korgano Common
Event Thermal Deflectors Uncommon
Event Wartime Conditions Rare
Event Yellow Alert Common
Facility – Outpost Neutral Outpost Common
Interrupt Anti-Matter Spread Common
Interrupt Barclay's Transporter Phobia Uncommon
Interrupt Brain Drain Uncommon
Interrupt Countermanda Common
Interrupt Dead in Bed Uncommon
Interrupt Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow Common
Interrupt Devidian Foragers Common
Interrupt Eyes in the Dark Common
Interrupt Fire Sculptor Common
Interrupt Hail Common
Interrupt Howard Heirloom Candle Common
Interrupt Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Common
Interrupt Incoming Message: Attack Authorization Uncommon
Interrupt Isabella Uncommon
Interrupt Jamaharon Common
Interrupt Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence Common
Interrupt La Forge Maneuver Uncommon
Interrupt Latinum Payoff Common
Interrupt Phaser Burns Common
Interrupt Rescue Captives Uncommon
Interrupt Romulan Ambush Uncommon
Interrupt Security Sacrifice Common
Interrupt Seize Wesley Rare
Interrupt Senior Staff Meeting Uncommon
Interrupt Temporal Narcosis Uncommon
Interrupt Thine Own Self Common
Interrupt Vorgon Raiders Rare
Interrupt Vulcan Nerve Pinch Common
Interrupt Wolf Uncommon
Mission Brute Force Rare
Mission Compromised Mission Rare
Mission Diplomatic Conference Rare
Mission FGC-47 Research Rare
Mission Fissure Research Rare
Mission Qualor II Rendezvous Uncommon
Mission Quash Conspiracy Rare
Mission Reunion Rare
Mission Risa Shore Leave Rare
Mission Warped Space Rare
Personnel – Federation Beverly Picard Rare
Personnel – Federation Ian Andrew Troi Rare
Personnel – Federation Jack Crusher Rare
Personnel – Federation Lt. (j.g.) Picard Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Montgomery Scott Common
Personnel – Federation Paul Rice Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Rachel Garrett Rare
Personnel – Federation Richard Castillo Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Tasha Yar – Alternate Rare
Personnel – Klingon Governor Worf Rare
Personnel – Klingon K'mtar Rare
Personnel – Klingon Targ Common
Personnel – Non-Aligned Ajur Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Berlingoff Rasmussen Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Boratus Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Dathon Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Lakanta Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Maques Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Mickey D. Uncommon
Personnel – Romulan Commander Tomalak Rare
Personnel – Romulan D'Tan Uncommon
Personnel – Romulan Major Rakal Rare
Personnel – Romulan Stefan DeSeve Rare
Ship – Federation Future Enterprise Ultra Rare
Ship – Federation USS Enterprise-C Rare
Ship – Klingon IKS Fek'lhr Rare
Ship – Klingon IKS K'Ratak Common
Ship – Non-Aligned Edo Vessel Rare
Ship – Non-Aligned Gomtuu Rare
Ship – Non-Aligned Tama Uncommon
Ship – Romulan IRW Decius Rare
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