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CCG Sealed Deck

Official Tournament Sealed Deck

This is a list of cards from The Official Tournament Sealed Deck, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: First Edition from Decipher. Released in May of 1998, this expansion was released in a "ready-to-play" format, meaning no additional cards were needed to play a game. Six different boxes were released, one for each affiliation released so far: the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Borg, Cardassian and Bajoran. Also included in each set were four white-bordered Premiere Edition packs and one Alternate Universe pack.

Dilemmas Edit

  • Abandon Ship!
  • Armus - Sticky Situation
  • Hippocratic Oath
  • Make Us Go
  • Unscientific Method

Doorways Edit

  • Spacedoor - This card is two-sided. On one side, the Spacedoor is closed. On the other, it is opened.
  • Space-Time Portal

Event Edit

Facility Edit

Outpost Edit

Missions Edit

  • Establish Relations
  • Explore Interstellar Matter
  • Impose Order
  • Investigate Incursion
  • Mineral Survey
  • Test Propulsion Systems

Objectives Edit

  • Open Diplomatic Relations
  • Reflection Therapy

Personnel Edit

Non-Aligned Edit

Q Dilemma/Event Edit

  • Hide and Seek

Ships Edit

Non-Aligned Edit

Table Edit

Type and AffiliationTitleRarity
Dilemma Abandon Ship! Premiere
Dilemma Armus - Sticky Situation Premiere
Dilemma Hippocratic Oath Premiere
Dilemma Make Us Go Premiere
Dilemma Unscientific Method Premiere
Doorway Space Door Premiere
Doorway Space Time Portal Premiere
Event Treaty: Federation/Romulan/Klingon Premiere
Facility - Outpost Husnock Outpost Premiere
Mission Establish Relations Premiere
Mission Explore Interstellar Matter Premiere
Mission Impose Order Premiere
Mission Investigate Incursion Premiere
Mission Mineral Survey Premiere
Mission Test Propulsion Systems Premiere
Objective Open Diplomatic Relations Premiere
Objective Reflection Therapy Premiere
Personnel - Non-Aligned Suna Premiere
Q Dilemma/Event Hide and Seek Premiere
Ship - Non-Aligned Darmok Premiere
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