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For the extra-dimensional plane of existence, please see Q Continuum.

He plagued Captain Picard's existence from the first to almost last mission of the USS Enterprise-D, wanted to mate with Captain Janeway, and even got punched by Captain Sisko. Q. The Q-Continuum, an expansion of Decipher's Star Trek Customizable Card Game, is based on this irrepressible creature. The doorway card "Q-Flash" opens the Q Continuum, allowing use of the newly introduced Q Dilemmas, Q Events, Q Interrupts, and the Q Mission cards. Other notable cards include the Mona Lisa from TNG: "The Most Toys" and the USS Stargazer from TNG: "The Battle".




  • Manheim's Dimensional Door
  • Q-Flash
  • Q's Tent












Q Dilemmas

  • Go Back Whence Thou Camest
  • Guilty – Provisionally
  • His Honor, The High Sherriff of Nottingham
  • Mandarin Bailiff
  • Pla-Net

Q Events

Q Interrupts

  • Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother?
  • Dr Q, Medicine Entity
  • Gift of the Tormentor
  • Incoming Message – The Continuum
  • Lemon-Aid
  • Subsection Q, Paragraph 10
  • The Higher... The Q-er
  • The Issue Is Patriotism
  • The Naked Truth
  • Wesley Gets The Point
  • Where's Guinan

Q Mission







Type and Affiliation Title Rarity
Artifact Blade of Tkon Rare
Artifact Canar Rare
Artifact Mona Lisa Rare
Dilemma Android Nightmares Uncommon
Dilemma Bendii Syndrome Rare
Dilemma Chinese Finger Puzzle Common
Dilemma Q's Vicious Animal Things Uncommon
Dilemma Royale Casino: Craps Uncommon
Dilemma Security Precautions Common
Dilemma System Wide Cascade Failure Rare
Dilemma The Sheliak Rare
Dilemma Yuta Rare
Doorway Manheim's Dimensional Door Rare
Doorway Q-Flash Common
Doorway Q's Tent Common
Equipment Anti-Matter Pod Common
Equipment Plasmadyne Relay Common
Event Barber Pole Uncommon
Event Brainwash Rare
Event Calamarain Rare
Event Discommendation Uncommon
Event Doppelganger Rare
Event Drag Net Rare
Event Drought Tree Common
Event Heisenberg Compensators Uncommon
Event I am not a Merry Man Rare
Event Immortal Again Uncommon
Event Klingon Civil War Rare
Event Transfiguration Uncommon
Event Zalkonian Storage Capsule Rare
Facility – Station Colony Common
Facility – Station Terraforming Station Rare
Interrupt Arbiter of Succession Rare
Interrupt Data's Medals Common
Interrupt End Transmission Common
Interrupt Klingon Painstik Uncommon
Interrupt Off Switch Common
Interrupt Parallax Arguers Common
Interrupt Plexing Common
Interrupt Wrong Door Uncommon
Mission Investigate Legend Rare
Mission Nebula Common
Mission Paxan "Wormhole" Rare
Mission Plague Planet Rare
Mission Samaritan Snare Rare
Mission Space Common
Mission Tarchannen Study Rare
Personnel – Federation Gibson Common
Personnel – Federation Juliana Tainer Rare
Personnel – Federation Katherine Pulaski Rare
Personnel – Federation Keiko O'Brien Rare
Personnel – Federation Lal Rare
Personnel – Federation Mirasta Yale Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Mordock Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Mr. Homm Rare
Personnel – Federation Rager Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Robin Lefler Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Sakkath Uncommon
Personnel – Federation Sonya Gomez Uncommon
Personnel – Federation T'Shanik Uncommon
Personnel – Klingon Kahlest Uncommon
Personnel – Klingon K'chiQ Uncommon
Personnel – Klingon Kitrik Uncommon
Personnel – Klingon K'nera Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Data's Body Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Galen Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Ira Graves Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Jenice Manheim Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned John Doe Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Kareen Brianon Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Kova Tholl Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Madam Guinan Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Madred Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Marouk Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Mortal Q Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Nick Locarno Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Paul Manheim Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Samuel Clemens Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Soong-type Android Common
Personnel – Non-Aligned Tarmin Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Timicin Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Ves Alkar Uncommon
Personnel – Non-Aligned Zon Rare
Personnel – Romulan Sirol Uncommon
Personnel – Romulan Taris Rare
Personnel – Romulan Telak Uncommon
Q Dilemma Go Back Whence thou Camest Common
Q Dilemma Guilty – Provisionally Uncommon
Q Dilemma His Honor, the High Sheriff of Notthingam Uncommon
Q Dilemma Mandarin Bailiff Common
Q Dilemma Pla-Net Common
Q Event Aldebaran Serpent Common
Q Event Amanda's Parents Common
Q Event Door-Net Uncommon
Q Event Frigid Uncommon
Q Event Into the Breach Common
Q Event Jealous Amanda Common
Q Event Military Privilege Common
Q Event Penalty Box Uncommon
Q Event Scottish Setter Common
Q Event Tijuana Crass Common
Q Event Trust Me Common
Q Event You Will in Time Common
Q Interrupt Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother? Common
Q Interrupt Dr. Q, Medicine Entity Common
Q Interrupt Gift of the Tormentor Common
Q Interrupt Incoming Message – The Continuum Common
Q Interrupt Lemon-Aid Common
Q Interrupt Subsection Q, Paragraph 10 Common
Q Interrupt The Higher...the Q-er Common
Q Interrupt The Issue is Patriotism Uncommon
Q Interrupt The Naked Truth Common
Q Interrupt Wesley Gets the Point Uncommon
Q Interrupt Where's Guinan? Uncommon
Q Mission Q's Planet Uncommon
Ship – Federation USS Stargazer Rare
Ship – Klingon IKS Maht-H'a Rare
Ship – Klingon IKS T'ong Uncommon
Ship – Non-Aligned Zalkonian Vessel Common
Ship – Romulan Terix Rare
Ship – Romulan T'Pau Uncommon