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This is a list of cards from The Enterprise Collection, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: First Edition from Decipher.

This pack was released after the First Edition officially ended.

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Type and AffiliationTitleRarityCard #
Equipment Starfleet Phaser Pistol Premium 0P41
Event Revisionist History Premium 0P42
Event Temporal Shifting Premium 0P43
Facility – Headquarters Seat of Starfleet Premium 0P44
Personnel – Starfleet Charles Tucker III Premium 0P45
Personnel – Starfleet Elizabeth Cutler Premium 0P46
Personnel – Starfleet Emory Erickson Premium 0P47
Personnel – Starfleet Ethan Novakovich Premium 0P48
Personnel – Starfleet Hoshi Sato Premium 0P49
Personnel – Starfleet Jeremy Lucas Premium 0P50
Personnel – Starfleet Jonathan Archer Premium 0P51
Personnel – Starfleet Malcolm Reed Premium 0P52
Personnel – Starfleet Maxwell Forrest Premium 0P53
Personnel – Starfleet Phlox Premium 0P54
Personnel – Starfleet T'Pol Premium 0P55
Personnel – Starfleet Travis Mayweather Premium 0P56
Ship - Starfleet Enterprise Premium 0P57
Tactic T'Pol/Soong Maneuver Premium 0P58