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CCG Fajo Collection cover

The Fajo Collection

This is a list of cards from The Fajo Collection, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: First Edition from Decipher.

Released in December of 1997, The Fajo Collection takes its name from the infamous Zibalian, Kivas Fajo. This expansion pack came in its own special binder, with a signed and numbered certificate. Also included in the package was a "Fajo Collection" rules supplement and a collectible poster showing the entire Star Trek CCG to date. The Fajo Collection was limited to 40,000 copies. Several cards in this pack are special in nature. The "1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card" comes with an actual piece of bubblegum. The "Black Hole" card is printed as if there was a black hole in the center of the card, pulling the picture to the center. The "Qapla'!" card is printed in Klingonese and in a Klingon style. The "Dixon Hill's Business Card" comes with an actual business card of Dixon Hill's.



  • DNA Metamorphosis



  • Qapla'!








Q Artifact





Type and AffiliationTitleRarity
Artifact 1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card Super Rare
Artifact Persistence of Memory Super Rare
Dilemma DNA Metamorphosis Super Rare
Doorway Black Hole Super Rare
Interrupt/Event Dixon Hill's Business Card Super Rare
Interrupt Qapla'! Super Rare
Personnel – Borg Locutus of Borg Super Rare
Personnel – Federation Guinan Super Rare
Personnel – Federation Miles O'Brien Super Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Dr. Soong Super Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Kivas Fajo Super Rare
Personnel – Non-Aligned Lore Super Rare
Personnel – Neutral Spot Super Rare
Personnel – Romulan Sisters of Duras Super Rare
Personnel – Romulan Tallera Super Rare
Q Artifact Picard's Artificial Heart Super Rare
Ship – Federation USS Pasteur Super Rare
Ship – Klingon IKS Chang Super Rare
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