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This is a list of cards from These are the Voyages, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: Second Edition from Decipher.



  • Final Cry
  • Hurried Departure



  • Earth - Lush and Beautiful Home




  • Four of Nine - Heuristics Drone
  • Four of Twelve - Standardization Drone
  • Three of Nine - Tactician Drone
  • Two of Nine - Transtator Drone


  • Oran - Irritable Gul
  • Parek - Privileged Legate




  • Krax - Arrogant Heir
  • Qol - Lascivious Lackey


  • Kang - Vigilant Commander
  • Khod - Conniving Captain
  • Koloth - Ingratiating Captain
  • Kor - Courageous Governor
  • Korax - Instigator
  • Kras - Merciless Officer
  • Mara - Science Officer
  • Ro'suv



  • Charvanek - Fleet Commander
  • Charvanek - Neutral Zone Commander
  • Keras - Creature of Duty
  • T'Auethn - Obedient Centurion
  • Tal - Alert Sub-Commander






Kumari - A Fine Ship


Gal Gath'thong - Pride of the Praetor


Type and Affiliation Title Rarity Card #
Dilemma Arena Common 12C1
Dilemma Barrier's Effect Common 12C2
Dilemma Casualties Rare 12R3
Dilemma Distress Call Rare 12R4
Dilemma Excalbian Drama Common 12C5
Dilemma Fesarius Bluff Common 12C6
Dilemma Gangster's Welcome Common 12C7
Dilemma Gorgan Common 12C8
Dilemma Lawgivers Uncommon 12U9
Dilemma Mark of Gideon Common 12C10
Dilemma Moment of Doubt Common 12C11
Dilemma Mugato Common 12C12
Dilemma Neural Parasites Rare 12R13
Dilemma No Kill I Rare 12R14
Dilemma Psychokinetic Control Rare 12R15
Dilemma Silent Attack Common 12C16
Dilemma Swashbuckler at Heart Rare 12R17
Dilemma Trelane's Trial Common 12C18
Dilemma Vault of Tomorrow Uncommon 12U19
Dilemma Vian Test Rare 12R20
Equipment Tox Uthat Rare 12R21
Event Condition Red Uncommon 12U22
Event Discovered Uncommon 12U23
Event Final Cry Uncommon 12U24
Event Hurried Departure Uncommon 12U25
Event Not Easily Avoided Uncommon 12U26
Event Obstacle to Opportunity Uncommon 12U27
Event Optimism Uncommon 12U28
Event Plasma Energy Weapon Uncommon 12U29
Event Rule of Acquisition #18 Uncommon 12U30
Event The Circle Rare 12R31
Event You Have a Disease Uncommon 12U32
Interrupt Cascade Virus Rare 12R33
Interrupt Covert Relationship Uncommon 12U34
Interrupt Dominion Hierarchy Uncommon 12U35
Interrupt Driven Uncommon 12U36
Interrupt Grav-Plating Trap Rare 12R37
Interrupt Neural Transceiver Uncommon 12U38
Mission Assimilate Resistance Uncommon 12U39
Mission Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home Uncommon 12U40
Mission Navigate Argolis Cluster Uncommon 12U41
Mission Secure Strategic Base Uncommon 12U42
Personnel - Bajoran Kira Nerys, Bit of a Fighter Uncommon 12U43
Personnel - Bajoran Mullibok, Gnarled and Battered Old Tree Uncommon 12U44
Personnel - Borg Four of Nine, Heuristics Drone Rare 12R45
Personnel - Borg Four of Twelve, Standardization Drone Uncommon 12U46
Personnel - Borg Three of Nine, Tactician Drone Rare 12R47
Personnel - Borg Two of Nine, Transtator Drone Rare 12R48
Personnel - Cardassian Oran, Irritable Gul Uncommon 12U49
Personnel - Cardassian Parek, Privileged Legate Rare 12R50
Personnel - Dominion Bashir Founder, Imperturbable Infiltrator Rare 12R51
Personnel - Dominion Krajensky Founder, Adversary Rare 12R52
Personnel - Dominion Lovok Founder, Effective Changeling Uncommon 12U53
Personnel - Federation Angela Martine Common 12C54
Personnel - Federation Areel Shaw Common 12C55
Personnel - Federation B'Elanna Torres, Chief Engineer Rare 12R56
Personnel - Federation Bejal Otner, Wormhole Theorist Uncommon 12U57
Personnel - Federation Benjamin Sisko, Command Staffer Rare 12R58
Personnel - Federation Carolyn Palamas Common 12C59
Personnel - Federation Chakotay, First Officer Rare 12R60
Personnel - Federation Christine Chapel, Medical Assistant Common 12C61
Personnel - Federation Evans Common 12C62
Personnel - Federation Gary Mitchell, Godlike Mutant Common 12C63
Personnel - Federation George Stocker, Starbase Commodore Common 12C64
Personnel - Federation Hikaru Sulu, Senior Helmsman Common 12C65
Personnel - Federation Jadzia Dax, Communications Staffer Rare 12R66
Personnel - Federation James T. Kirk, Highly-Decorated Captain Rare 12R67
Personnel - Federation James T. Kirk, Youngest Captain in Starfleet Common 12C68
Personnel - Federation Janice Rand, Captain's Yeoman Common 12C69
Personnel - Federation Josephs Common 12C70
Personnel - Federation Julian Bashir, Medical Staffer Rare 12R71
Personnel - Federation Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer Rare 12R72
Personnel - Federation Mark Piper Common 12C73
Personnel - Federation Marlena Moreau Common 12C74
Personnel - Federation Mathews Common 12C75
Personnel - Federation Matt Decker, Vengeful Commodore Uncommon 12U76
Personnel - Federation Miles O'Brien, Engineering Staffer Uncommon 12U77
Personnel - Federation Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer Rare 12R78
Personnel - Federation Orfil Quinteros Uncommon 12U79
Personnel - Federation Palmer Common 12C80
Personnel - Federation Pavel A. Chekov, Young Navigator Common 12C81
Personnel - Federation Richard Daystrom, Influential Scientist Common 12C82
Personnel - Federation Robert Tomlinson Common 12C83
Personnel - Federation Seven of Nine, Efficient Analyst Rare 12R84
Personnel - Federation Spock, Science Officer Rare 12R85
Personnel - Federation Uhura, Skilled Technician Common 12C86
Personnel - Ferengi Krax, Arrogant Heir Uncommon 12U87
Personnel - Ferengi Qol, Lascivious Lackey Uncommon 12U88
Personnel - Klingon Kang, Vigilant Commander Rare 12R89
Personnel - Klingon Khod, Conniving Captain Uncommon 12U90
Personnel - Klingon Koloth, Ingratiating Captain Rare 12R91
Personnel - Klingon Kor, Courageous Governor Rare 12R92
Personnel - Klingon Korax, Instigator Uncommon 12U93
Personnel - Klingon Kras, Merciless Officer Uncommon 12U94
Personnel - Klingon Mara, Science Officer Uncommon 12U95
Personnel - Klingon Ro'suv Uncommon 12U96
Personnel - Non-Aligned Ambassador Gral, High-Ranking Official Common 12C97
Personnel - Non-Aligned Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet Rare 12R98
Personnel - Non-Aligned Gaard Common 12C99
Personnel - Non-Aligned Gav, Diplomat Common 12C100
Personnel - Non-Aligned Gem Common 12C101
Personnel - Non-Aligned Khan Noonien Singh, Bold Man Rare 12R102
Personnel - Non-Aligned S'salk, Gorn Captain Rare 12R103
Personnel - Non-Aligned Skalaar, Bounty Hunter Common 12C104
Personnel - Romulan Charvanek, Fleet Commander Uncommon 12U105
Personnel - Romulan Charvanek, Neutral Zone Commander Rare 12R106
Personnel - Romulan Keras, Creature of Duty Rare 12R107
Personnel - Romulan T'Auethn, Obedient Centurion Rare 12R108
Personnel - Romulan Tal, Alert Sub-Commander Uncommon 12U109
Personnel - Starfleet Amanda Cole Common 12C110
Personnel - Starfleet Hideaki Chang, Conscientious Corporal Common 12C111
Personnel - Starfleet Jeremiah Hayes, Diligent Major Rare 12R112
Personnel - Starfleet Nelson Kemper Common 12C113
Personnel - Starfleet Sascha Money Common 12C114
Personnel - Starfleet Sean Hawkins Common 12C115
Ship - Federation Delta Flyer, Innovative Vessel Rare 12R116
Ship - Federation USS Constellation, Dead Hulk Uncommon 12U117
Ship - Federation USS Constitution Common 12C118
Ship - Federation USS Enterprise, Beautiful Lady Rare 12R119
Ship - Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser Uncommon 12U120
Ship - Non-Aligned Kumari, A Fine Ship Common 12C121
Ship - Romulan Gal Gath'thong, Pride of the Praetor Rare 12R122