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Template:Realworld This is a list of cards from To Boldly Go, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: Second Edition from Decipher.


  • Agonizing Encounter
  • Assist Rescue Operation
  • Between Duty and Respect
  • Bre'Nan Ritual
  • Cardassian Processing
  • Chula: Move Along Home
  • Covert Insertion
  • Cultural Differences
  • Dangerous Standoff
  • Deuterium Plunderers
  • Molecular Mishap (TNG: "Rascals")
  • Opportunity for Profits
  • Outclassed
  • Parallels (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")
  • Profitable Venture
  • Tactical Disadvantage
  • Telepathic Invasion
  • Up The Ante
  • Warp Bubble Mishap
  • Zero Hour



  • Aggressive Solutions
  • Assimilation Technique
  • Bound by Addiction
  • Continuing Committee Hearing
  • Dabo!
  • Defend Our People
  • Destined To Be
  • Diplomatic Offer
  • Distracting Exhibition
  • Escape Pod
  • First-hand Experience
  • Latinum Storage
  • Not Easily Destroyed (VOY: "Message in a Bottle")
  • Preeminent Precision
  • Reman Subterfuge
  • Remarkable Regeneration
  • Restorative Responsibility
  • Rule of Acquisition #102
*Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever. (DS9: "The Jem'Hadar")
  • Seal the Temple's Door
  • Strafing Fire
  • Target Practice
  • That's the Last Time
  • The Muse (DS9: "The Muse")
  • Transporter Buffer
  • We're All On Strike (DS9: "Bar Association")


  • Disinterested Visitant
  • He Speaks in Shale
  • Temporal Delineation


  • Assist Cloaked Ship
  • Automated Repair Station
  • Control Plague
  • Earth - Humanity's Home
  • Escape Gulag Rura Penthe
  • Investigate Stalled Ship
  • Navigate Minefield (ENT: "Minefield")
  • Practice Orbital Maneuvers
  • Retrieve Materiel
  • Traverse Ion Storm
  • Survey New World



  • Mardah, Quite a Writer
    • "First rule of Dabo; watch the wheel, not the girl."


  • Borg Queen, The One Who is Many
    • "... we evolved to include the synthetic."
  • First, Unstable
    • "No more deceptions!"
  • Fourth, Neonatal Drone
  • Third, Neonatal Drone


  • Thrax, Chief of Security
    • "This investigation is over. You case is going before a special tribunal this afternoon. You will be informed of the sentence just before it meets."
  • Ulani Belor, Senior Cardassian Scientist
    • "I'm glad we already have so much in common."


  • Turan'Ekan
    • "He is an Alpha ... His DNA and psychological profile are specifically designed for combat in this quadrant."


  • Benjamin Sisko, First Officer
  • Boothby, Groundskeeper
    • "You did what you had to do. You did what you though best. I just made sure that you listened to yourself."
  • Jean Hejar, Nova Squadron Navigator - This card was misspelled when printed.
    • "We were still within flight safety parameters, sir."
  • Nicolas Locarno, Nova Squadron Leader
    • Image Source: Nicholas Locarno in TNG: "The First Duty"
    • "Everything's going to be all right ... so long as we stick together."
  • Sito Jaxa, Nova Squadron Pilot
    • "I was flying solely on sensor readings at the time ..."
  • Wesley Crusher, Nova Squadron Pilot
    • "We thought we could do it. We thought we could do anything."


  • Frool, Old and Fragile
    • "It's not my fault!"
  • Grimp, Pessimist
    • "The FCA has ears everywhere."



  • Aluura, Nice to Everyone
  • Arik Soong, Father of Many
    • "I didn't realize you shared humanity's reactionary attitude toward this field of medicine."
  • Cyrus Redblock, Civil Criminal
    • Image Source: Cyrus Redblock in TNG: "The Big Goodbye"
    • "Life is an endless stream of choices. Unfortunately, you have chosen to make my life more difficult."
  • Kieran MacDuff, Executive Officer
    • Image Source: Kieran MacDuff in TNG: "Conundrum"
    • "There are times for diplomacy ... this is not one of them."
  • Malik, Dangerous Augment
    • "Please, father, there's no other way."
  • Miss Sarda, Not a Legal Expert
    • "I'm not what a lot of people think. I mean, if you're a Dabo girl, you know ... you get a reputation."
  • Raakin, Dominant Augment
    • "They've forgotten how we stayed alive all these years. My resolve was what kept us from starving to death on that rock."
  • Shran, In Archer's Debt
    • "Once he's free, my debt will be repaid in full."
  • Silik, Chameleon
    • "I've learned a great deal about you ... even more than you know."
  • T'Pol, Subcommander
    • "I've been trained to tolerate offensive situations."
  • Zefram Cochrane, Ready to Make History



  • Burrows, Diagnostic Tech
    • "It's from over there ..."
  • Callaghan
  • Image Source: ENT: "The Augments"
  • Charles Tucker III, "Trip"
    • "I've only been to one inhabited planet besides Earth ... nothing there but dust-dwelling ticks."
  • Cunningham, Assigned to the galley
  • Image Source: Cunningham in ENT: "Singularity"
    • "With all due respect, you've been cooking the same meal over and over again."
  • Dallas
  • Image Source: ENT: "The Seventh"
  • Daniels, Temporal Agent
    • "I came from right about here ... approximately nine hundred years from now."
  • Elizabeth Cutler, Eager Entomologist
  • Emory Erickson, father of the transporter
    • "I always suspected you'd be famous, just never thought you'd be more famous than me."
  • Gaeta
  • Garrid
  • Image Source: ENT: "Singularity"
  • Hoshi Sato, Uneasy Educator
  • Jeffrey Pierce, On The Edge
    • "I read every transcript of every mission ... I thought I was prepared ... that I knew what to expect."
  • Jeremy Lucas, Phlox's Colleague
    • "Four minutes to containment breach ... there's no way to stop it from here."
  • Jonathan Archer, Headstrong Captain
    • "This is Captain Jonathan Archer of the Starship Enterprise."
  • Kelby, Arrogant Engineer
    • "Engineering is good to go, sir."
  • Malcolm Reed, Weapon Expert
    • "How am I supposed to protect this ship without proper weapons?"
  • Maxwell Forrest, Starfleet Executive
    • "The debriefing's on hold ... indefinitely. I want you to take some time off to clear your head. That's an order, Captain."
  • McDermott
  • Phlox, Alien Physiologist
    • "My osmotic eel's under the weather ... I should stay aboard until she's feeling better."
  • T'Pol, Austere Commander - This personnel also has a card in the non-aligned section.
    • "I've been offered a commission with Starfleet."
  • Travis Mayweather, Space Boomer
    • "Seems like everybody else on board is itching for a first contact."
  • Williams, Starfleet Commander
    • "... the details of this debriefing will remain classified, as ordered by the Command Council."




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