Ensign Cabot was an officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D in the quantum mechanics department.

In 2369, Nella Daren and Cabot had a conversation in which she offered him a transfer to the stellar sciences department, her section. She approached Commander William T. Riker about the move, but was told that quantum mechanics didn't want to give Cabot up. When she pressed Riker, saying Cabot desired the move, he asked her how she knew that, and she revealed that she'd made him the offer.

He then berated Daren for having done so, as transfers were supposed to be approved by him before offers could be extended. She apologized, saying they had just been conversing (when the subject came up), and he accepted her apology, but told her that Cabot would remain where he was. When she told Riker that Cabot would be perfect for the job and reminded him that quantum mechanics was overstaffed, he finally agreed to look into the matter.

Daren later discussed the incident with Jean-Luc Picard, who had been approached by Riker after this latest request of hers, and assured him that she was trying to improve her department, not asking for a favor because of her romantic relationship with the captain. (TNG: "Lessons")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
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