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Julie Caitlin Brown (born 27 January 1961; age 60) is the actress, agent, musician and filmmaker who played the role of Ty Kajada in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine first season episode "The Passenger". Later, she appeared as Vekor in the Star Trek: The Next Generation seventh season episodes "Gambit, Part I" and "Gambit, Part II".

She is probably best known for playing the role of Na'Toth in the first season of Babylon 5, a role taken up by Mary Kay Adams for two episodes in season two. Andreas Katsulas and Bill Mumy co-starred with her. Brown reprised the role for one episode of season 5 and played a Human lawyer, Guinevere Corey, in the second season episode "There All the Honor Lies" written by Peter David.

She also made guest appearances on several other shows, including Beverly Hills 90210 (1999, with Cari Shayne), Sliders (1999), JAG (1996 and 2000, with Rif Hutton and Kamala Lopez-Dawson in the latter one), Becker (1999, co-starring Terry Farrell), and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2005). More recently she portrayed Tammy Tennis in the horror comedy All About Evil (2010) which also features fellow Trek performers Thomas Dekker, Jack Donner, and Zachary Culbertson.

Today, Brown is working as agent for other actors such as Katee Sackhoff, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, and Tom Skerritt.

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