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Canamar was a notorious penal colony run by the Enolians during the 22nd century.

In orbit of the colony was a processing station where prisoners were tried and sentenced before being sent down to the colony on the planet. This was the process for all prisoners regardless if they were guilty or innocent of their alleged crimes.

Sometime prior to 2152, an Enolian criminal named Kuroda was once incarcerated at Canamar for seven years before he escaped. To ensure an easy escape should he be captured again, he had depolarizing subdermal implants placed into his wrists.

In 2152, Kuroda was again captured and was being sent back to Canamar aboard an Enolian transport. Also aboard the transport were Earth Starfleet officers Jonathan Archer and Trip Tucker, who had been wrongfully accused and arrested for smuggling. En route, Kuroda used his implants to escape from his restraints and hijacked the transport. He intended to rendezvous with another ship and escape, leaving the transport and its passengers to disintegrate in orbit of Tamaal.

The transport was ultimately boarded by Archer and Tucker's crewmates from Enterprise NX-01 and the officers and the ship's prisoners and personnel were rescued. Kuroda remained aboard the transport as it disintegrated, opting to die rather than return to Canamar.

Upon his return to Enterprise, Archer angrily informed an Enolian official his intent on reporting how he and Tucker were falsely arrested and wondered how many innocent people were unjustly imprisoned at Canamar. (ENT: "Canamar")

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 115), Canamar "was named for Star Trek: Enterprise production staff member Valerie Canamar, who was assistant to makeup supervisor Michael Westmore."
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