At least four log entries were made on the Captain's log for Deep Space 9 in 2371. They were recorded by the newly promoted Captain Benjamin Sisko. (DS9: "The Adversary")

Entries Edit

  • "My son, the writer, thinks I should say something profound on this occasion. He even offered to write me a brief statement. I told him I'd take care of it myself. But as it turns out, the only thing I can think of is: Begin Captain's Log, Stardate 48960.9."
  • "Captain's Log, Stardate 48962.5. We are twelve hours from the border. I haven't been in this area since the last Federation-Tzenkethi War. Being here brings back a lot of memories, most of them bad."
  • "Captain's Log, supplemental. We've been unable to reestablish contact with Barisa Prime. Therefore, I've no choice but to assume we are at war with the Tzenkethi.
  • "Captain's log, supplemental. We've returned to the station without further incident. However, I'm concerned for my Chief of Security who hasn't said a word since we left Tzenkethi space."
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