A single log entry made by the captain in the captain's log for the IKS Somraw was discovered by the crew of Enterprise NX-01 when they boarded the ship, after discovering it adrift in low orbit of a class 9 gas giant. (ENT: "Sleeping Dogs")

Entries Edit

2151 Edit

  • "OonoS Thrott! nej joS mIch ka Xanant 'ach pagh. bak Doj diS ko teHa! seH da bat'lacH. s'taQ paH dena... Q'tahL class planet. We destroyed their ship, but we've sustained damage in our port fusion injector. We've descended into the outer atmosphere of a Q'tahL-class planet to make repairs in case there are other Xarantine ships in the area. My crew is falling ill and I have been unable to determine why. If we had died when the Xarantine attacked our honor would be secure, but to fall victim to some disease, to be crushed into nothing in the depths of this miserable planet..."
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