The captain's log on the USS Enterprise-E was the method used by the commanding officer to officially record the ship's missions. At least three log entries were recorded from 2373 to 2379 by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.



The following two log entries were recorded during the Battle of Sector 001 and when the Enterprise was thrown back in time. (Star Trek: First Contact)

  • "Captain's Log, stardate 50893.5. The moment I have dreaded for nearly six years has finally arrived. The Borg, our most lethal enemy, have begun an invasion of the Federation, and this time, there may be no stopping them."


Mission to Romulus. (Star Trek Nemesis)

  • "Captain's Log, stardate 56844.9. The Enterprise has arrived at Romulus and is waiting at the designated coordinates. All our hails have gone unanswered. We've been waiting for seventeen hours."

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