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The captain's log of the USS Enterprise was the method used by the commanding officer, either the captain or acting captain, to record the ship's events.

Log entrants


Made by Commander Spock while he was the acting captain. (Star Trek)


Made by Captain James T. Kirk. (Star Trek Beyond)


Made by Captain James T. Kirk. (Star Trek Beyond)

  • "Captain's Log, stardate 2263.2. Today is our 966th day in deep space, a little under three years into our five-year mission. The more time we spend out here, the harder it is to tell where one day ends and the next one begins. It can be a challenge to feel grounded when even gravity is artificial. But, well, we do what we can to make it feel like home. The crew, as always, continues to act admirably despite the rigors of our extended stay here in outer space. And the personal sacrifices they have made. We continue to search for new lifeforms in order to establish firm diplomatic ties. Our extended time in uncharted territory has stretched the ship's mechanical capacities. But fortunately our engineering department, led by Mr. Scott, is more than up to the job. The ship aside, prolonged cohabitation has definitely had effects on the interpersonal dynamics. Some experiences for the better, and some for the worse. As for me, things have started to feel a little episodic. The farther out we go, the more I find myself wondering what it is we're trying to accomplish. If the universe is truly endless, then are we not striving for something forever out of reach? The Enterprise is scheduled for a reprovisioning stop at Yorktown, the Federation's newest and most advanced starbase. Perhaps a break from routine will offer up some respite from the mysteries of the unknown."

Background information

A deleted scene from Star Trek Into Darkness had at least one log entry that was made in 2259 following the mission to Nibiru.

  • "Captain's Log, stardate 2259.55. We've completed our survey of the newly-discovered class M planet designated Nibiru. Intelligent life was observed. The species is primitive; indications of early language and even religion were noted. I thought it wise to stay off the planet altogether lest we somehow interfere with their way of life. If there's one word I would use to describe this mission, it would be 'uneventful.' Kirk out."
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