Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)

The captain's log on the USS Franklin was the method used by the commanding officer to record the ship's events. These were made by Captain Balthazar Edison. (Star Trek Beyond)

Log entrants Edit

2160s Edit

The following are log entries made by Edison that were seen on his personnel file. (Star Trek Beyond)

  • "We've successfully repaired the derelict vessel. 46 of her people suffered injuries, mostly minor. They have been treated and supplied with the proper Medicines. Our task complete, we are returning to our previously established course."
  • " The Franklin has set course to rendezvous with a Starfleet Medical courier. We've been told only that our presence is imperative. Hopefully, the mission will give me further opportunities to assess the nacelle improvements Lt. Cdr. Scott has implemented."
  • "Although our search has been extensive, We are still unable to locate the medical courier or any clues to its whereabouts."

Circa 2164 Edit

The following is the last captain's log recorded by Edison after the Franklin crashed on the planet Altamid on the far side of the Necro Cloud Nebula. In 2263 of the alternate reality, this log was played by Captain James T. Kirk, Nyota Uhura, Montgomery Scott, and Jaylah. (Star Trek Beyond)