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Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, the massive starship Enterprise hung motionless in space above the atmosphere of a previously uncharted planet...

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Hailing the newly-discovered planet Skur, the Enterprise is invited to send a delegation down. Materializing in a clearing just outside a city, Kirk, Spock, and Scott see a brutish humanoid and attempt to communicate with him. Realizing that he cannot comprehend, three felinoids approach and are equally puzzled that the landing party resembles their "animals". The ambassador, Meng, introduces himself as the son of their leader, Zeldon, and invites the men to a reception prepared in their honor.

As the group travels to the reception, Scott expresses his discomfort to Kirk, remarking that doesn't like seeing beasts ruling over humanoids. Kirk suggests they learn to accept Skur's evolution. The delegation is introduced to Zeldon, and Scott continues to chafe. Zeldon agrees that the situation is unusual, but suggests they all share a meal. When the Skurians eat their food without utensils, Scott interrupts with a speciesist outburst. Zeldon is insulted, has the landing party thrown into a zoo, and orders the destruction of the Enterprise.

When feeding time comes, Kirk and his men escape from the zoo and free other creatures on display. Meng and his servants arrive at the zoo during the escape and are attacked by animals. Kirk seizes a weapon and blasts Meng's attacker. Meng is confused, and Kirk says that he is not an animal. The crew departs for the Enterprise, and Meng expresses his and his father's regrets at their failed first contact.

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"He is an animal, Earthman! I confess, you look rather like him yourself!"

- Meng, making an important first impression

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