Kelvas Repair Facility 2375

A Cardassian repair station

Cardassian repair facilities were large space stations used by the Cardassian Union in the 2370s.

There were numerous repair facilities in the Monac shipyards, one of the largest shipyards in the Alpha Quadrant. The shipyards were destroyed by a solar flare triggered by the Klingon Bird-of-Prey Rotarran in early 2375. (DS9: "Shadows and Symbols")

Later that year, members of the Cardassian Rebellion boarded a repair station in the Kelvas system to steal a Breen energy dampening weapon from a Jem'Hadar attack ship docked at the station. (DS9: "Tacking Into the Wind")

There were several repair facilities in orbit of Cardassia Prime in late 2375. The Dominion and the Breen formed a new defense perimeter near the stations after their retreat from the battle with the Federation Alliance. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

The CGI model of the repair facility was later used in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Bounty". While there is no indication that it was intended to represent a Cardassian station, it seems possible that it is, and that the design remained in use for more then 200 years
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