The following is a list of known starships used by the Cardassians and Cardassian Union:

Name Class Year(s) of service Known disposition
Aldara Galor-class 2369 Active
Barkano Transport 2369 Active
Bok'Nor Bok'Nor-type 2370 Destroyed
Groumall Military freighter 2372 Destroyed
Koranak Keldon-class 2371 Destroyed
Kornaire unknown unknown Active
Kraxon Galor-class 2371 Active
Prakesh Galor-class 2372 Destroyed
Rabol Transport 2372 Active
Ravinok Ravinok-type 2366 Destroyed
Reklar Galor-class 2369 Active
Trager Galor-class 2367 Active
Vetar Galor-class 2370-2371 unknown

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