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The Cardenas-class was a type of 23rd century Federation starship in use during the 2250s.

The USS Yeager participated in Battle of the Binary Stars with the Klingons in 2256. (DIS: "Battle at the Binary Stars")

Like the contemporaneous Nimitz-class and the later 23rd century Constellation-class, as well as the 24th century Cheyenne- and Prometheus-classes, this type was noted for being one of the small number of Federation classes that had more than two nacelles. (TNG: "The Battle", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"; VOY: "Message in a Bottle"; et al.)

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USS Yeager concept art

Eaves' concept art

The Cardenas-class was identified via the Yeager by designer John Eaves. [1] Eaves also named the class, which was later confirmed [2] after being revealed on

In the article "DISCOVERY's 'Battle of the Binary Stars' Armada Identified" by Ken Reilly at TrekCore, this class was "possibly named for US Air Force brigadier general Robert Cardenas, a pilot who had a notable career in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, served as a test pilot for the USAF, and was assigned to notable posts over his career." [3]

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